Digital FLowers, Digital Reproductions and REAL ART

by Manjula Padmanabhan in DEFINITIONS
The first three galleries I set up here with the word digital in the title were for artworks that had been created on paper (or canvas), but are available as commercial reproductions from Image Kind. 
  1. Digital Reproductions are of prints and/or paintings. The reproductions are made from scans or photographs of original artworks that are available through FolioTwist.
  2.  Digital Black & Whites are a gallery of sketches (“doodles” is what I call them) that I scanned and “processed”: reduced grey tones to hard black and white, then enlarged them and standardized within a more or less fixed frame. I’ve added signatures to most of them, because the originals are (in my opinion) too informal to be signed. Most of them are tiny — about three inches tall at the most. I call them doodles because I made all of them while talking on Skype, using a fine nib felt-tip pen on small pads of high quality water-color paper. 
  3. Digital Posters are colored variations of the b/w doodles, sometimes with text added. I’ve colored only the digital versions, and all the adjustments I’ve made have been done on my computer, using a stylus (Wacom Bamboo) and PhotoShop (more about this in the next point)
  4. Digital Flowers are entirely digital. That is, they’re not scanned from anything or created by altering photographs of a spider lilies or poppies. I’ve never liked using vectors so it’s not PhotoShop Illustrator but just plain old PhotoShop, using raw editing tools. When I draw on paper/canvas, I start with carefully planned outlines. But for purely digital images, like these flowers, I start with large patches of bright color that I carve up and push around until I begin to see the result I’m looking for.