Sold! At a New Delhi Art Auction

by Manjula Padmanabhan in Random Thoughts Dept
The auction was held in New Delhi, to benefit an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) called CHARKHA, celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. They have done wonderful work over the years, reporting on rural India plus the founder and his family have been dear friends for a very long time.
I had agreed to participate while I still in the US. So I was nervous about getting back in time. The paintings needed to be framed. I wasn’t sure if they were worthy of being exhibited. And I hadn’t even signed three of them! But everything worked out for the best and they sold for double their base price, for a combined price of $3,500! I was absolutely thrilled. They are small (two are 14″x18″ and the other two are 20″square) acrylics on canvas.