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Black Partridge & Cat Amongst the Cushions

Black Partridge, 16"x20"Acrylic with 3D acrylic paint, plus one sequin. The only time I ever saw a live black partridge was at a great distance, through binoculars, in North India. Something about the bird's compact, rounded shape appeals to me. Also, the variety I saw (and heard) is famous for its… read more

Evolution of a Small Painting

I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of this painting as it evolved. I find I often like the least complete versions of a painting, when it's just a fuzzy, unfocused idea in dream-colors. It's a bit like preferring a little fluffy chick to the fully developed… read more

Sold! At a New Delhi Art Auction

The auction was held in New Delhi, to benefit an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) called CHARKHA, celebrating it's 20th anniversary. They have done wonderful work over the years, reporting on rural India plus the founder and his family have been dear friends for a very long time. I had agreed to… read more