The word “print” in reference to art can mean many different things. I’ll try to offer definitions that make sense in the context of the work I’m offering here.

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Digital FLowers, Digital Reproductions and REAL ART

The first three galleries I set up here with the word digital in the title were for artworks that had been created on paper (or canvas), but are available as commercial reproductions from Image Kind.  Digital Reproductions are of prints and/or paintings. The reproductions are made from scans or photographs of original artworks that are available… read more

Digital v/s Edition Prints

Some of you will know what Limited Edition Prints are. For those who don’t, a very rough description is: prints that have been created in very small editions by manual rather than mass-production processes.*    There’s a great deal more to be said about edition prints, but the point I want to make is, only… read more