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APRIL 2021

So much time has passed since the last time I posted to this site that … really, there’s no question of actually catching up! All I can say is: it’s been a long time and busy all the way. At this moment, nine new paintings of mine are part of a group show at the… read more

Black Partridge & Cat Amongst the Cushions

Black Partridge, 16″x20″ Acrylic with 3D acrylic paint, plus one sequin.   The only time I ever saw a live black partridge was at a great distance, through binoculars, in North India. Something about the bird’s compact, rounded shape appeals to me. Also, the variety I saw (and heard) is famous for its very distinctive… read more

Evolution of a Small Painting

I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of this painting as it evolved. I find I often like the least complete versions of a painting, when it’s just a fuzzy, unfocused idea in dream-colors. It’s a bit like preferring a little fluffy chick to the fully developed bird. The thing has got… read more

Sold! At a New Delhi Art Auction

The auction was held in New Delhi, to benefit an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) called CHARKHA, celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. They have done wonderful work over the years, reporting on rural India plus the founder and his family have been dear friends for a very long time.   I had agreed to participate while I… read more

The Huge THRILL of Digital Prints

     The pictures are of one of my digital prints alongside the tiny original. In the third one I’ve included a roll of clear mailing tape to help establish scale. The original is just under 10 inches long while the enlargement is 32 inches long.   I wanted to take quick, grainy, amateurish photographs… read more

Digital FLowers, Digital Reproductions and REAL ART

The first three galleries I set up here with the word digital in the title were for artworks that had been created on paper (or canvas), but are available as commercial reproductions from Image Kind.  Digital Reproductions are of prints and/or paintings. The reproductions are made from scans or photographs of original artworks that are available… read more

This is your HOW-TO guide!

I’ve been trying to make it easy for visitors to pick their way through the buying options here — but I’m still stumbling about a bit! If you have doubts, please write to me first.   My DIGITAL PRINTS are a lot cheaper than my Limited Edition Prints or paintings. Also, when you order a digital… read more

Digital v/s Edition Prints

Some of you will know what Limited Edition Prints are. For those who don’t, a very rough description is: prints that have been created in very small editions by manual rather than mass-production processes.*    There’s a great deal more to be said about edition prints, but the point I want to make is, only… read more