Black Partridge & Cat Amongst the Cushions

by Manjula Padmanabhan in New Work

Black Partridge, 16″x20″
Acrylic with 3D acrylic paint, plus one sequin.
The only time I ever saw a live black partridge was at a great distance, through binoculars, in North India. Something about the bird’s compact, rounded shape appeals to me. Also, the variety I saw (and heard) is famous for its very distinctive call, a sharp-edged phrase which sounds more like a mechanical toy than a live bird. The local “transliteration” of its call into human words is: “Paan, bidi, cigarette!”, like a tiny avian cigarette-vendor!
Cat Amongst the Cushions, 18″x24″
Acrylic with 3D acrylic paint. 
Both these paintings glitter slightly because of the 3D paint, some of which is metallic silver. It’s not been easy to photograph them. The flash bleaches out the color but in natural light the 3D details look foggy.