APRIL 2021

by Manjula Padmanabhan in Uncategorized

So much time has passed since the last time I posted to this site that … really, there’s no question of actually catching up! All I can say is: it’s been a long time and busy all the way.

At this moment, nine new paintings of mine are part of a group show at the DEBLOIS GALLERY in Middletown, RI. Please visit the gallery of that name here! You can see all nine.

Last month, I showed 18 printed artworks at the ART ANNEX in Newport, RI. The show is officially over, but since the artworks are all printed reproductions, they are infinitely available! Meaning: I can print and send a fresh reproduction whenever requested. At $50 each, they are super-affordable. Just drop me a line.

Art Annex Show, March 2021, Newport